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841 EarthFIT Quote of the Day

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Row, row, row your boat…

Have you ever tried to steer and row a boat at the same time?

One hand on an ore and the other on the fin that steers the boat?

It is pretty hard, and if you can imagine rowing with one arm and

steering with the other, what do you think would happen?

That’s right! You’d go in circles…

Get no where…

And you would say to yourself,

“I have been working really hard!!

I am doing 2 jobs! Why am I not where I want to be?”

I talk to people all the time who spend 5-10 hours a week in a gym and get absolutely no results!

They have the same problem.

The reason being, they don’t have an expert streering them in the right directions.

They think they know it all or can do it all.

That is insane! I see it all the time outside of fitness too.


The song goes:

Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.



Row, row, row your boat,

But you also have to steer,

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Life is a nightmare!
boat1 300x255 Row, row, row your boat...

Because that is what happens when we try to control everything.

The people who created that song knew what they were talking about.

 Row, row, row your boat...

Focus on one thing, the thing you can control, which is the effort you

put in.

Do your best, put in the effort, and let go of the rest.

Let “someone” or “something” else do the rest.

That someone or something can come in all forms

A teacher… A trainer… A business… God… The Universe…

You get the point.

In the end, it always saves time and energy, which is worth more than any amount of money.

It also prevents and eliminates a lot of struggle.

Especially since most people trade $$ for hours. Why spend 7 hours

in a gym a week when all you need 1.5 to 2 hours total.

If you’re an EarthFITter, then I am preaching to the choir, but

the same goes for every aspect of life.

If you put in the effort 300x178 Row, row, row your boat...

We always ask for clients to do their best, put in the effort and we will do the rest.

When people follow our advice, miracles happen icon smile Row, row, row your boat...

For example, with the Fit or Flop contest I am trying my hardest but ultimately I can’t control

the outcome but when I ask for your help and assistance I do MUCH better!

By the way, thank you so much for your amazing support with the Fit or Flop contest,

You are what is keeping me afloat, pun intended!

Committed to your Success,


P.S. I will be in NYC showcasing some of our EarthFIT Personal Training and Back Pain Relief4Life for the Fit or Flop contest. If you have any friends and family in NYC please tell them to come! Details are below:

Day: Thursday, April 4th 4-7pm

Location: Tompkins Sq. Park -

Ave. A To Ave. B, E. 7 St. To E. 10 St.
Manhattan, 10009

P.P.S. Please keep voting at

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83 EarthFIT Quote of the Day

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I Always Hated Bullies… Part 2

After my last email about Bullies, many people have asked how I was bullied recently at the movie theater and what the outcome was. Before I tell you about that specific event, I want to tell you about the events leading up to it. You already know that I hate bullies and I realized that recently that I like watching them get put in their place on YouTube  You see, last year I disconnected the TV because I thought it was a waste of time, made me less productive and does nothing to nourish the mind.

Kid watching YouTube I Always Hated Bullies… Part 2

So YouTube is one of my last vices for garbage. YouTube suggests videos with intriguing headlines. So, the day after I got my amalgam filings removed as a protocol for helping me over come my 4-year battle with Lyme disease, my nervous system was shot and I was in a vegetative state (perfect for youtube surfing… haha!). I clicked on one of those video suggestions about bullies getting beat up and the next thing I know, I was pulled into a vortex of bully-beating videos for hours. I truly believe that those videos are not good food for nourishing the mind, but there is nothing like a good underdog victory that happened in real life and was caught on video! Think about it, we all go to the movies to watch those specific plots of the victorious underdog. It is ingrained into the American culture. For me, watching those videos it might also satisfy something inside of me that stems from my childhood.

By the way, If you have amalgam fillings, I recommend you getting them removed as they are a MAJOR source of toxicity and are linked to numerous health issues and ailments. Poisonous heavy metals should not be in our bodies, period. But I digress…

On to the story of “The Bully Beat Down”

Later on that same day, Khadine (my girlfriend) and I decided to go see a movie, The Avengers! Although I was still feeling weird from my Lyme recovery and having the amalgams removed, I was excited to watch a movie that I heard so many great things about.

movie theaters I Always Hated Bullies… Part 2

As the movie started there was a guy one row behind and about 5 seats to my right talking loudly and constantly to his 3 friends. He kept talking and talking and using obscenities, to the point that I couldn’t hear or understand anything for the first 20 minutes of the movie – no joke! I decided to move further from him to see if it would help at all. It didn’t, he was that obnoxious! After about 20 minutes of not hearing the movie and listening to this guy babble about nonsense, I realized that I would be the one to speak up for the rest of the movie goers.

So I turned around and said “can you please stop talking?” I got an aggressive reply “What?!” Like how dare I question anything he was doing in his most aggressive, thuggish, bullying tone possible. From that point, I knew I might run into a problem but again, I hate bullies. So I repeated clearer so there would be no mistake in what I was saying to him: “STOP TALKING!” I said. I heard a mumble coming from his area and he quieted down a little, but not much at all.

So I continued to try and watch the movie when 10 minutes later the bully was standing behind my seat, bent over in my face and asking if I was the person who told him to shut the F$*k up. I politely said, “no, I said stop talking.” He proceeded to lecture me on how he didn’t like that and that it pissed him off. At this point I realized he came over to my seat to start a problem, bully me and maybe show off to his friends – and I was pissed! Not only did he disrupt the whole beginning of the movie talking the whole time, now he came over and disrupted the movie to lecture and harass me in front of my girlfriend!? The audacity!

bully 1 677x1024 I Always Hated Bullies… Part 2

That is when I proceeded to push him out of my face. I don’t think he expected a confrontation being that he was a big guy with 3 friends hanging around, but he got one. Because as soon as I pushed him, he attacked me and swung a fist at my face. I ducked, grabbed him, threw him down and the next thing I know, he was lodged between Khadine’s movie seat with my hands wrapped around his throat, and was unable to fight back. The funny thing is his friends didn’t even help him out. They just pushed me off him after he whined “I can’t breathe”.

im a lover not a fighter dog shirt p155524527624190895z8x9b 3251 I Always Hated Bullies… Part 2

Now, it’s important that I mention, I’m a lover and not a fighter. But I have a hard time backing down from bullies who are disrespectful, disruptive and walk around starting fights with people.

So there you have it, my recent encounter with a bully and this email really has not point except please continue to vote “Fit” for me on the Fit or Flop challenge at

icon smile I Always Hated Bullies… Part 2

Committed to your success,


P.S. Please continue to vote for us every 24 hours at 

P.P.S. If you know anyone or have any friends suffering from pain that is not close by, please do not hesitate to help them find relief by sending them to We have also created a page just for golfers suffering from back pain.

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82 EarthFIT Quote of the Day

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I Always Hated Bullies…

Growing up I wasn’t necessarily a target for Bullies, but there were kids at school that would test me and I did have a few run-ins with “bullies”. Luckily I had the ability to stand up for myself and had to fight a bully more than a couple times in grade school.

One of the bullies I fought when I was about 10 years old, I had to confront again later on in high school but this time it was different…

He was bullying another student.

We were in gym class and the bully kept antagonizing this kid Mike and Mike wouldn’t do or say anything back. After taking abuse all class, the bully pegged Mike point blank in the face with a dodge ball while Mike was just sitting on the bench. Still, Mike did absolutely nothing! But my blood was boiling. So as soon as we got inside the locker room (the bully still antagonizing), I decided it was the perfect time say something.

 I Always Hated Bullies...

I said “Hey Bully. Back off bro!” just kidding, that would be kinda of weird to speak like that, I don’t exactly remember what I said, but it was something to the effect of “what is your problem, stop picking on Mike” the bully responded with a disrespectful remark and after some words back and forth, I was ready for battle. I threw off my back pack got in a stance as if I was ready to charge at the bully. He saw the look in my eye I guess and backed down and then mumbled to me in passing that he was going to “get me later”, “just watch” he said. He also knew from experience that I was ready and willing to toe to toe.

That “Get me later” and “just watch” came in the form of an apology in woodshop class. He came up to me and told me his grandmother just died and that his head was all messed up from it. He explained he was taking his anger out on an easy target.

bullying stops here1 I Always Hated Bullies...

I was actually impressed by this, not only did he apologize but he had analyzed why he was acting out an d being a bully- in 10th grade! That’s pretty good. I accepted the apology and told him to back off on doing things like that going forward.

About 10 years later or a couple years ago, out of the blue, Mike sent me a Facebook message thanking me for standing up for him. I never realized how much it meant to him, he never said anything in school about it, in fact, I wasn’t even sure he knew what I did.

Now that was in high school way back in the day. The funny thing is there are still bullies running around out there. It’s kind of embarrassing but I may tell you the story of when I was confronted by a bully a few months back at a movie theater in Bluffton. It was the last situation I would have ever expected to be in at this point in my life.

So what does this have to do with fitness you might ask, nothing, I just thought I would tell you I hate bullies icon smile I Always Hated Bullies...

I’m joking, there is a point in all this. I can relate anything to fitness icon smile I Always Hated Bullies... . I guess you could say that the stronger you are physically then the stronger you will be emotionally and the more confidence and self-esteem you have will have.

This will give people more strength to stand up for themselves and what they believe in when they are bullied or just in life in general. I have ALWAYS found that bullies are in fact the weakest people. They prey on the weak because they are weak and insecure.

better person I Always Hated Bullies...

The moral of the story is to be strong physically, emotionally and spiritually, and to always train those parts of your life for improvement  This way you will be a bigger and better person… little problems will seem insignificant and big problems will seem small.

Basically, the stronger you become in all 3 areas, the easier life becomes, just like walking up the stairs becomes 100 times easier when you have been physically training.

Make a commitment to being the strongest version of you inside and out and miracles will begin to happen, I promise.

Committed to your success,

P.S. Thanks again for your support, I am still #1 in the Fit or Flop contest. Please continue to vote so I stay there icon smile I Always Hated Bullies...

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A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

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81 EarthFIT Quote of the Day

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EarthFIT Quote of the Day

80 EarthFIT Quote of the Day

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The Quest For The Best Fitness Star (Beaufort Personal Trainer, EarthFIT)

fit or flop screenshot The Quest For The Best Fitness Star (Beaufort Personal Trainer, EarthFIT)

In the above caption you can see Ian Hart, Beaufort Personal Trainer and owner of EarthFIT personal training facility located in Beaufort SC. He is in a national contest called Fit or Flop, “The Quest For The Best Fitness Star”. He is featuring his internationally acclaimed Back Pain Relief4LIfe Program as featured below in a recent article about the success of the program and how Back Pain Relief4Life is the main focus of the contest, although EarthFIT is mentioned and was included in the contest auditions because both EarthFIT and Back Pain Relief4Life synergy .

gazettebackpain2 The Quest For The Best Fitness Star (Beaufort Personal Trainer, EarthFIT)

gazettebackpain1 The Quest For The Best Fitness Star (Beaufort Personal Trainer, EarthFIT)

 Beaufort personal trainer at EarthFIT in Beaufort SC doing Back Pain Relief4Life


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